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Terms and Conditions


The following terms and conditions set out the basis on which all training courses and boat bookings are sold and/or made by Dive Centre Ltd (Trading as Teign Diving Centre, Plymouth Diving Centre, Teign Dive School, Dive School, Plymouth Dive School, The Diving centre and Dive Shop Online), ("We", "Us", "Our", "The Company"), to and/or with the purchaser, ("You", "Your"), from Our websites ("the Site"), by Telephone or in person in the Centre.

These terms and conditions, together with Our Privacy Policy and any order form or payment instructions comprise the whole agreement between You and Us in relation to each course or boat booking we accpet from you.

By making a booking via the site, over the telephone or in person you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

By making a booking you acknowledge that You have not relied on any statement, warranty or representation other than those which are made in these terms and conditions, Our Privacy Policy, any order form or any payment instructions.

Course Bookings:

1.If the weather or any other circumstances beyond the control of The Company cause the course to be delayed, changed or cancelled, no liability can be accepted by the aforesaid parties for consequential loss, damage or any expense incurred.

2.Candidates using The Company’s equipment for any course are responsible for that equipment and will be charged for any loss or damage howsoever caused.

3.Candidates may not participate in diving activities without a satisfactorily completed medical statement and statement of understanding and assumption of risk. Any delays caused to the course by failure to complete these administrative and medical requirements will be chargeable at the current missed session rate.

4.Any non attendance of scheduled sessions will be charged at the current missed session rate. 


5. If Customers fail to meet the performance requirements on any any dive or knowledge development session, at the sole discretion of the instructor, The Company reserves the right to charge for repeating that dive or session, the rate for this will be based on the current missed session rate at that time and depend on the nature of the dive or session missed.


6.Neither The company its employees or contractors can be held responsible for damage to or loss of any personal equipment caused prior to, during or after any diving activities.


7.Any refunds will be made solely at the discretion of The Company and will incur an administrative charge.

8.Any charges incurred during the course will result in suspension of training and the withholding of certification until paid in full. The Company reserves the right to charge outstanding fees to the customers credit/debit card.

9. The Company reserves the right to charge an administration fee for any amendments to scheduled sessions on a booked course that are requested by the customer. This fee may be charged in addition to a missed session fee at the discretion of The Company.


10. At the start of the course and induction will be given to the specific course and the requirents of that course.


11. All courses must be commenced within 12 months of the booking unless by prior agreement of The Company, courses not commenced within 12 months of booking will lose any fees paid.


12.Candidates agree to abide by the rules and decisions of The Company, its staff and subcontractors in all diver-training matters.


13. Course deposits are non-refundable.  If a course is cancelled 14 days or more prior to the agreed start date, then the deposit can be transferred to another course.


Course Learning agreement/induction:

Teign Diving Centre’s training courses are meant to be fun, but like any form of learning, you’ll need to invest some time and effort reading and studying. During the induction session for your course you will be asked to sign up to a leanring agreemtn that will be similar to this statement. Your specific learning agreement may be adjusted to accomodate your specific course needs however the spirit of the agreement will be the same as outlined here.


The student will agree to study independently as specified by the instructor. In general, this means that before each class session, the student will:Watch the appropriate assigned portion of the course video or CD-ROM (Where applicable).Read the appropriate assigned course manual section and complete the Quick Quiz questions.Complete the appropriate assigned Knowledge Review to be handed in at the start of the class.


In addition, the student agrees to:


  • Follow all course procedures as set forth by the instructor.Ask questions about anything not understood.Show up for all sessions on time and be prepared.
  • In respect of non entry level courses, the student will be expected to maintain his/her diving skills by diving frequently between training dives. The student may be expected to complete an appropriate review with The Centre (As determined by The Centre staff) should there be a period of 1 month or greater in which the student does not dive. This review may be chargeable.
  • If the student arrives at class, but has failed to complete and turn in assigned work, or if the student fails to arrive on time, it may be necessary to make up the work and continue the class at a later date. The student will be responsible for any additional costs and/or inconvenience this causes. In scheduling and determining additional costs, The Centre agrees to give every reasonable consideration, as determined by The Centre, to unforeseen events, that lead to this situation.
  • If the student completes all course work as assigned, adheres to Centre policies, arrives for class promptly and otherwise follows directions for learning given by the instructor,  The Centre accepts responsibility for learning challenges.
  • Course objectives must be met and all skills mastered to the satisfaction of The Centre Staff before certification will be issued. If the student fails to meet those performance requirements, at the sole discretion of the centre staff, the Centre reserves the right to charge for any remedial training dives or sessions that the staff determine are appropriate.


The induction will also cover the following aspects of training at The Centre.


  • Health and Safety at the Centre premises, the pool, open water locations and boats. Including fire procedures and other general safety matters.
  • Personal Health and Safety issues relating to diving will have previously been covered in the appropriate prerequisite training courses (where applicable). Qualified Divers will be responsible for evaluating their personal diving health & safety.
  • Medical fitness to dive.
  • Course prerequisites, and entry requirements.
  • Facilities within the School & Centre.
  • Use of equipment during the course and rental fees where applicable.
  • Responsibility for equipment, and payment for lost or damaged equipment.
  • Course content and fees, and the financial implications of your course, including additonal charges that may arise and cancellation and reschduling charges.
  • Course Schedule, requirement for attendance and notification of non attendance.
  • Conditions for the scheduling of Diving activities.


Boat Bookings:

For Complete Boat Booking Terms Please Click Here

1, All divers listed on a boat booking will be included in the booking, and the charges will be applied to all spaces booked.

2, The Centre reserves the right to change sites or vessels without notice, due to weather, safety suitability or any other reason.

3, If a dive is cancelled by The Diving Centre for any reason the deposit will be used towards another dive in the same year.

4, Once the vessel has left port the dive will be considered to be taking place.

5, Deposits may be moved to subsequent years at the discretion of the Centre.

6, A 50% non refundable deposit will be charged at the time of the booking to confirm the booking.

7, Cancellations made 14 days or more prior to the dive date, the deposit may be moved to another dive in the same year at the discretion of the Centre.

8, Cancellations made between 7 and 14 days before the dive date the deposit will be charged without charging the balance.

9, Cancellations made within 7 days will be liable for the full charge, deposit and balance of all dives booked.

10, The Centre reserves the right to refuse divers to dive if in the opinion of the Centre the diver is not suitable for the chosen dive for any reason. In this case the diver will be liable for the full charge of the dive.

11, In all matters relating to the boat booking the Centre’s decision is final.

12, All Divers agree to abide by the Centre’s Diving Practices at all times, a copy of which is available on request, the centres decision on any diving matters is final



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