SS Stryn is a wreck dive in Lyme bay laying in 40m of water on her port side. little else is known and she is not dived often.

Dive Site Name: Stryn      Dive Type: Wreck Dive

Max Depth Seabed: 40m     Depth to top of Wreck: 30m

Approximate Position: 50,21.61N 003,23.86W

Tonnage: 2143Tonnes    Length: 86m    Beam: 6m   Cargo: Ballast

Date Lost: 10/06/1918      How Lost: Torpedo UB-80

Minimum Qualification: PADI Tec 45 / Technical Diver (Or Equivilent)


SS Stryn was built by Bonn & Mees, Rotterdam in 1901 at 2143 tonnes and 281Ft long the Stryn was operated at the time of her loss by The Shipping Controller (Constantine, Donking & Co.), London, was a defensively armed British merchantship of 2143 tons.

The SS Stryn was on passage from Rouen to Barry in June 1918 in ballast. She was torpedoed by UB-80 captained by Max Viebeg, On June 10th, 1918 5 miles east of Berry Head. 8 persons were lost, and the remainder of her crew and her Captain were picked up in their lifeboats and landed at Plymouth.

The Stryn now lies in 40m of water on her port side with the shallowest point at 30m. She is locally known as the Meat Boat.

Little else is known and she is not dived very often, more images and info required.

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