HMS Empress of India is one of the largest wrecks in Lyme bay! She was sunk as a Royal Navy target ship, and she was a large battleship of the Soveriegn Class! A big dive in the middle of Lyme Bay!

Dive Site Name: Hms Empress of India     Dive Type: Wreck Dive       

Max Depth Seabed: 47m             Depth to top of Wreck: 32m  

Approximate Position: 50 29 75N  002 57 93W

Tonnage: 15585tonnes    Length: 115m     Beam: 22.9m     Cargo: Balast

Date Lost: 04/11/1913      How Lost: Target practice!

Minimum Qualification: Deep Diver / Technical Diver  (Or Equivilent)

Hms Empress of India was a Modified Royal Soverign Class Battleship. She was decommisioned and used for target practice and also to test multiple ships firing at the same target in Lyme bay.Hms Empress Of India afloat 

She was engaged firstly by the cruiser Liverpool, this was followed by three battleships Thunderer, Orion and King Edward VII, and finally four battleships Neptune, King George V, Thunderer, and Vanguard. By 16:45 "the Empress of India was blazing furiously and down by the stern, sinking at" 18:30.

She had received 44 12-in and 13.5-in hits and "it is not surprising that an elderly ship sank", though the intention had been to repeat the firing at longer range.

She now lays upside dwn on the seabed with a large hole in her dside made by salvage divers removing a condenser!



Further Information: empress of india 04hms empress of india 05hms empress of india 06

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