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The Uk's newest Wreck, The Emsstrom sank while under tow in 2013 and, fortunately was a "clean" wreck and as such she was not recovered and is now a great dive in 30m of water!

 Dive Site Name: MV Emsstrom          Dive Type: Wreck Dive  

Type: Wreck            Tonnage: 2310     Length: 67m       Cargo: Non

Date Lost:14 January 2013       How Lost: Collision whilst under tow!

Max Depth Seabed: 27m                    Depth to top of Wreck: 12m

Minimum Qualification: Advanced Open Water Diver    (Or Equivilent)

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The MV Emsstrom was under tow by the tug Christos XXII in Lyme Bay / Torbay en-route from Germany to Turkey to be scrapped.

The Emsstrom was an ex German Naval training ship, launched in 1968 as a Fishery Protection Vessel. Emsstrom website is here

Whilst under tow there was a collision between the towing tug and the MV Emsstrom on the 13/1/2013 which caused damage to both vessels. As the MV Emsstrom was already stripped and signed off as clean suitable to scrap the salvage priority was to safeguard the tug. Whilst repairing the tug the Mv Emsstrom sank approximately 2.5 nautical miles North East of Hopes Nose, Torquay in 25 metres of water.


This is, as far as we are aware the newest diveable wreck of any size in the UK! Staff have surveyed her briefly and sh is listing on her port side, with quite a few heavy duty rigging wires still in place at the current time. More diving information will be posted as we get it!!

emsstrom dive site 1

emsstrom dive site 2

emsstrom dive site 3

emsstrom dive site 4

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