The Dudley Rose lays in 36m of water upright and intact on the seabed. She is a highly rated local dive although she can be dark, and is locally known as the deadly dudley.

Dive Site Name: Dudley Rose          Dive Type: Wreck Dive       

Max Depth Seabed: 42m (scour)             Depth to top of Wreck: 30m  

Approximate Position: 50 23 38N; 03 26 20W

Tonnage: 1600tonnes    Length: 76.2m     Beam: 11.3m     Cargo: Coal

Date Lost: 09/04/1941     How Lost: Bombed He 111k

Minimum Qualification: Deep Diver / Technical diver  (Or Equivilent)


The Dudley Rose was built in 1929 by D & W Henderson & Co of Partick. The Dudley Rose was on passage from Plymouth to Portsmouth with a cargo of 2200Tonnes of coal, after calling at DartmouthShip yard where Dudley Rose was builtShip yard where dudley rose was built c1930 she continued her passage and On the 9th April 1941 4 miles SE of Berry Head she was spotted by a lone heinkel He 111k the Heinkel straddled her with a bomb run and she was hit close to the bridge and sank with all 16 crew saved and landed at Brixham.

We have no photos of the Dudley Rose so anyone with further information please let us know. The photo opposite is the Hendersons yard circa 1930 on the Clyde where she was built.

The Dudley Rose is know locally by divers as the "Deadly Dudley", as she can be a very dark wreck, however she is a stunning dive, although beware of ocassional nets! She lays in 36m of water, 42m in the scour, standing 6m proud of the seabed upright and intact!The Binnacle is reportedly still in place although the compass is gone. She has large concrete blocks in the wheelhouse that surprises and confuses a lot of divers, these were originally bolted to the wheelhouse walls to protect against fragments from bombs etc.

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