The Buesten is a large tanker wrecked in Torbay by bombing in 1941. She stands nearly 20m proud of seabed laying on her side! In 56m of water in the scour!

Dive Site Name: Buesten (Bueston)   Dive Type: Wreck Dive       

Max Depth Seabed: 56m             Depth to top of Wreck: 38m  

Approximate Position: 50,21.07N 03.24.11W

Tonnage: 5187tonnes    Length: 118.29m       Cargo: Oil Kerosene and Gasoline

Date Lost: 09/04/1941     How Lost: Bombed by Luftwaffe

Minimum Qualification: Technical Diver  (Or Equivilent)

The Buesten (aka Bueston, Beueston) was on passage from Texas, she was bombed by the Luftwaffe, Heinkel 111's, all their bombs missed due to heavy anti aircraft fire!! Buesten in harbour PhotoSo they attacked again with machine guns and cannon which caused an explosion. whilst carring a cargo of Benzene and Kerosene. Only 7 of the crew survived. 


She is relatively undived. Described by our divers as a "HUGE" wreck she is 118m long and 5,187 tonnes!!

Watch this space as we find out more on this site!!

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