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Type: Wreck            Tonnage: 91 tonnes       Length: 108ft      Cargo:

Date Lost: 1964       How Lost: Broke tow and sunk 

Max Depth Seabed: 44m                Depth to top of Wreck: 41m

Minimum Qualification:    

The Totnes Castle was a 91 ton paddle steamer owned by the River Dart Steamboat Company. Built in 1923 she was 108 ft long and worked until the end of 1963 when she was converted into a restaurant. In 1964, while she was being towed from Dartmouth to Plymouth she broke her tow and sank in Bigbury Bay. She was found in 1994 by the survey vessel Gleaner.

The wreck lies in 44m of water - and sits upright 3m proud of the seabed. Her superstructure and top-works are missing, but her engine pistons can be clearly seen in front of the single boiler. The steel hull is still intact but the teak decking has gone, which allows easy access to all areas of the ship.

The bows are in good condition and the forward hold can be easily entered. The stern is more broken up and in some places lies nearly parallel with the seabed.

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