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Type: Wreck            Tonnage: 800tonnes     Length:        Cargo:

Date Lost: 1890      How Lost:  Struck a reef just offshore from Thurlestone and was overcome in high seas

Max Depth Seabed: 34m     Depth to top of Wreck: 28m

Minimum Qualification: Deep Speciality

She lies in 34m of water, her sides have collapsed and she is spread over the seabed with just 2-3m proud at the bows and stern.

There is plenty to see on the Oregon since the wreckage is well laid out. At the bow there is a large anchor and an anchor winch. Along the collapsed starboard side are the remains of the Oregon's masts. Amidships there is a cylindrical tank, a winch and plenty of plates. The stern has a rudder half submerged in the seabed with the steering gear still attached to the rudderpost. The wreck has lots of pouting that swim all around you as you fin along the wreck. There are many sea fans on the rusty plates.

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